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This KB Article References: SUNY & SMART Financial Systems (SUNY Web portal)
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Last Updated: March 20, 2019

SUNY 1 & 2 (Legacy), now called SUNY Legacy, has been moved to the SUNY Secure Employee Services Portal.  These instructions will show you how to log into the SUNY Secure Employee Services Portal  and then how to log into SUNY Legacy

Logging into the SUNY Secure Employee Services Portal

  1. Log into - This must be done from Internet Explorer only

  2. Scroll down page and click on SUNY Portal link .

  3. Choose Stony Brook as the campus and click on Log In.

  4. Enter NetID and NetID password on the next screen.

  5. On the SUNY Secure Employee Services Portal, click on E-Business Services tab.


  6. Click on Webconnect link.

  7. New window opens to OpenConnect.


  8. Click on SUNYSB folder.

  9. OpenConnect Swing Application opens in a separate window.  This window must remain open while using the Webconnect client until you exit the Client.   Click on Run if necessary and click on option not to show this screen each time.

  10. At the same time a SUNYSB window opens to SUNY “black screen”.  Log in is same as old SUNY Legacy system.


  11. When done Disconnect Session and exit (black screen).

  12. Close OpenConnect window.

  13. Close OpenConnect Swing Application window     

    Logging into the SUNY 1 or SUNY 2 system

    *You will need your Username, Password,  the answer to your security question and Job Function Code.  

    Helpful tips

    • This application is NOT case sensitive.
    • To move to the next field use your Tab key.  To move back use Shift + Tab.
    • To move to the top of the screen or the first field, press the Home key.
    • Use the number keys above the letters not on the number pad
    • *Newer Mac Keyboards without a number pad may not have the Clear key.  You will need to contact Customer Engagement & Support (2-9800) or 444-HELP for assistance
    • Any text in Red are errors and must be removed to move on.
    • Changing your password on the at the SECURITY SIGN-ON SCREEN (step 7).
      • Signing in with the wrong password incorrectly 3 time causes a password violation and must be cleared by the security administrators
      • Otherwise, after 90 days, a user’s password will expire and it will need to be extended 15 days prior expiration date, users will see a message on the bottom of the SUNY screen letting them know their password will be expiring.  They may change their password at the SCSO screen (step 7).
    1. On this screen:

      Press the F9 key on keyboard.
      PC Keyboard
      Mac Keyboard
    2. Enter Select ==> 1 
      and press Enter on your keyboard.
      *Use the "1" above "Q" not on your number pad.
    3.  CICS screen appears.
      • On the CICS screen, press the
        PC users:
        Pause|Break key
        Mac users:
        Clear key

        *Newer Mac Keyboards without a number pad may not have the Clear key.  You will need to contact Customer Engagement & Support (2-9800) or 444-HELP for assistance.

    4. The screen will look blank.
    5. Type SCSO and hit Enter:
    6. At the SECURITY SIGN-ON SCREEN, enter the following information: 
      • Organization Type:  SU
      • User ID:   jsmith [your username]
      • Password:   [your password]
      • Job Function:  [your department’s job function]
      • *Leave NEW PASSWORD blank.  
        NOTE:  If you want to change your own password enter it in the New Password field and then hit the F1 key.
    7. Answer your Security Question:
    8. On the  screen “NO MESSAGES, SIGNON IS COMPLETE…”,
      hit the: 
      PC users:
      Pause|Break key
      Mac users:
      Clear key

      *Newer Mac Keyboards without a number pad may not have the Clear key.  You will need to contact Customer Engagement & Support (2-9800) or 444-HELP for assistance.

    9. The screen will look blank again, type SCME and hit Enter

    10. Tab over to User and enter your username.  Then tab over to Job Function and enter your Job Function.  Hit Enter to begin.


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