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When submitting work online it is important to check with your instructor about the assignment and how it will be submitted.

Prior to submitting your work check with your instructor about the following:

  • Naming protocol - if you are submitting work online many instructors have a preferred format for file names so that submissions are organized (ex: jdoe_paper1.doc ).
  • File type - this will help make sure that your work is submitted correctly and that your instructor can access your work. If you are working on a Mac, make sure that the file type extension appears at the end of the file name (ex: jdoe_paper1.doc, on a Mac you may need to manually type in the .doc extension)
  • Where the assignment is posted in the course - Blackboard is a flexible webspace and assignments can be posted in many different locations.
  • When the assignment is due - Instructors can set deadlines that will remove the submission links from the student view of Blackboard. Don't wait until the last minute, submitting early allows time for us to help you if there is an error.

If you have submitted a file incorrectly or uploaded the wrong file you must contact your instructor immediately. Your instructor can clear the incorrect attempt and allow you another submission. 

If your instructor wants your assignment to be submitted through Blackboard there are two main ways: through the Assignment feature and as a SafeAssignment. Submitting through these methods are similar but slightly different, documentation about the different types of assignments and viewing their grades can be seen below. This chart shows some of the differences between the two types of assignments:


  SafeAssign Assignments
Plagiarism Checking Yes No
Accepted File Types Specific (see below) Any
Number of Attachments Allowed One Multiple
Number of Attempts Allowed One One to unlimited (up to Instructor)

 SafeAssign only accepts certain types of files, including:

  • Microsoft Word: .doc and .docx
  • OpenOffice Writer: .odt
  • Adobe PDF: .pdf
  • Plain text: .txt
  • Rich text: .rtf
  • Web page: .htm and .html

Uploading and Submitting a Blackboard Assignments (Students)


SafeAssignments for Students in Blackboard (PDF)

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