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Students may request 20MB of Web space on the Sparky UNIX server for Web pages, programming and scripts

What is the username and password?
The login for Sparky is NetID and NetID password.

Do I already have an account? Am I in the system? How do I get a Sparky Account?
Students who were registered prior to Fall 2008 were automatically given Sparky accounts (username and password). Students who have registered after Fall 2008 will need to be entered into the system.  Either course instructors will submit their rosters for access or students can come into the Main Library SINC site to make a request for an account on Sparky.

What do I do once I get an account?
Any student (regardless of when he or she registered) must send an e-mail to the webmaster to have the webspace created. The e-mail must:

A confirmation e-mail will be sent within 1-2 business days. Your e-mail confirmation will contain important information like where to place your HTML files, the URL where your site will be published, your site quota (size), and where you can get more information.


You will need to use SSH Secure File Transfer for PC users and Fetch for Mac users. Both of these are available free from Softweb, Stony Brook's software distribution site (

To communicate with Sparky for scripting and other server technologies, Windows users can use SSH Secure Shell (available on Softweb or on any SINC Windows machine) and Mac users can use Terminal.

How to access Sparky for Windows users using SSH (PDF)
How_to_use_SSH_File_Transfer (PDF) How to access Sparky for Mac users using Terminal and Fetch (PDF)
How to access the Sparky UNIX server (PC or Mac) (PDF) Try Cyberduck on your Personal Computer to Access Sparky!(PDF)

Creating an index webpage
An index page (or homepage) is the main page to your website.

When you first request webspace, the Webmaster includes an index.htm as a homepage under construction. You can simply replace this index file with your own or make changes in the html code. You can use applications like Dreamweaver and FrontPage to create you homepage. Just make sure you have a file called index.html or index.htm. 

*Important Note: Neglecting to include an index page, will allow visitors to have access to all the files in your web directory, including the files you don't wish for them to see. To avoid this, always be sure to have an index.html or index.htm file in your web directory because it stops visitors from accessing/viewing other files.

What's My Web Address?
The web address to your website will be: netid
For example:

The directory on Sparky will be: /usr/www/Stu/ fflintstone

At the sparky% prompt in the UNIX environment you can navigate to your page by using the cd command:
for example: cd /usr/www/Stu/ fflintstone


Getting Help

The Division of Information Technology provides support on all of our services. If you require assistance please submit a support ticket through the IT Service Management system.

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