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In August of 2012, Stony Brook University contracted after hours support from SUNY Learning Network or SLN.  As a result, instructors, course builders and teaching assistants will notice that SLN Help Desk is listed as a student in their course.  There is no cause for alarm. SLN Help Desk are staff members employed by SUNY Learning Network in Albany and information about them can be found here.

    You may remove SLN Help Desk from your course if you wish, but keep in mind that they may not be able assist your students should the need arise.

What SLN can access:

  • SLN Help Desk staff are listed as students in all Blackboard courses so they can better assist you and your students if they contact SLN.
  • SLN members can view course announcements, course information, documents, assignments and Discussion Board posts.
  • SLN can view course rosters and let you know if there is a student who may have dropped.

What SLN cannot access:

  • SLN does not receive copies of your student communications. The email address attached to their accounts does not exist and these communications cannot be accessed by them.
  • As students, SLN Help Desk will not be able to access any items on the Control Panel, only items made available to students.
  • SLN cannot access student grades or grade information.
  • SLN cannot view any content that is hidden from students by you.

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