Setting up the iPhone OpenScape Mobile Pro App To Make/Receive Office Phone Calls on Your iPhone

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Last Updated: August 11, 2020
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You can make/receive office number calls and access your voicemail from the OpenScape Mobile Pro (OSMO) app for iPhone.

Before you can use the UC Web Client, Make a Telephony service ticket for Unified Communications for an account to make/receive your office calls from a mobile device or browser.

Sign into UC Web Client and Change Password

Before using the OSMO app on a mobile device, sign into the UC Web Client and change your password.

Install and Set up OSMO Pro

Once you've changed your password in the UC Web Client, you can download and set up the OSMO iPhone app:

  1. On your iPhone, open the App store, search for the OpenScape Mobile Pro app and install it
  2. Once installed, open the OpenScape Mobile Pro app
  3. When prompted whether to allow OSMO Pro to send you notifications, tap Allow/Ok so you will be notified when you receive a call or for voicemail notifications
  4. When prompted whether to allow OSMO Pro to access your location, select Allow While Using App for best performance
  5. Read and tap Accept for the End User License terms for OSMO Pro if you wish to proceed
  6. Read and tap Accept for the Emergency Calls Disclaimer.(This states that if you use OSMO Pro to place emergency (911) calls, your location details may not be correctly displayed, and advises you to place emergency calls from your mobile device’s phone)
  7. Go to the app's Settings (If you don’t see Settings, tap More in the bottom right and then Settings)
  8. Under Application Settings, tap Account and enter the following:
    1. Subscriber: your netid@system (e.g., bsmith@system)
    2. Server Address:
    3. Password:  (the password you received when your account was created)
    4. Cellular Number: your mobile number as +1 xxx-xxx-xxxx, and be sure to start with +1 (Adding your mobile number is required to make/receive calls using your cellular network, e.g., Verizon or Sprint; if not entered, you can only make/receive calls over WiFi).
  9. Tap Save near the top right corner
  10. When prompted to allow OSMO Pro to access your contacts, tap Allow/Ok if you will want to call contacts saved in your mobile phone from the app
  11. When prompted to allow access to the camera, tap Allow/Ok if you want to use video calling
  12. Set up Voicemail:
    1. From Settings (if you don’t see settings, in the bottom right, tap More > Settings) tap Features and then Voicemail. Tap Override Number and enter +11021970000 (be sure to start with +1 and use 4 zeros at the end of the number) and tap Done and then Save
  13. In the top left, tap <Features and then <Settings to return to the main Settings page. Under Mobile Data Network, tap the slider next to Allow VoIP Calls so that it is on/green

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