Setting up Audio and Video in Skype for Business

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Last Updated: August 11, 2020
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Prior to every online session to you'll need to check that the microphone (Audio Device) and camera (Video Device) are working properly with the Skype for Business application.

  1. To do this, launch the Skype for Business app on your computer and click the gear
  2. This is the Options menu.  Select Tools > Audio Device Settings
  3. The Skype for Business options window appears
  4. Select the desired speaker and microphone by clicking the downpointing arrow for each:

  5. If you do not see the devices you want to use here:
    • PC users: Launch Control Panel > Sound (under Hardware and Sound) and then right-click on the Playback and Recording Devices and set your desired devices as the default
    • Mac users :  In Preference, go to Sound and set your default devices.
  6. Test your devices:
    • Speakers - Turn them on if necessary, then click the Play button   on in your audio options.
    • Microphone - Unmute them if necessary, speak into the microphone, you should see the sound dector   moving. 
  7. To select your camera and make sure it is working properly, click Video Devices in the Skype for Business options window and choose your device from the drop down.  You should see your camera's projection immediately if your camera is plugged in and working properly.
  8. Click OK when finished.

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