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Last Updated: March 22, 2017

A LISTSERV account can be set up for any Stony Brook University department, course, or registered student group.

If you would like to request an account, please fill out the Stony Brook LISTSERV Request Form and be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Mailing List Name - Try to keep the name to about eight letters or less and add a "-l" to the end. This is a convention so that people know it is an e-mail message from a mailing list
  • List Description - Provide a one-line description of the list
  • List Owner's Name - Someone needs to be designated as the point person to take care of any problems and administration issues with the list
  • List Owner's E-mail Address - Student clubs should use the club's e-mail address here

The list owner will be able to control who can receive and reply to emails sent to and from the LISTSERV.

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