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Last Updated: August 11, 2020
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Student comments will be considered for redaction if they:

  • Appear to evaluate the instructor on criteria not related to her/his teaching performance and/or on a discriminatory basis (see the University's Non-Discrimination Statement:
  • Raise allegations of professional impropriety (including harassment or discrimination) on the part of the instructor.
  • Include threats of violence. Such allegations may be referred to appropriate University authorities for investigation.

Redaction Procedure:

  1. All data will be published once faculty reports are released (this will be the academic standing date provided by registrar).
  2. If we get redaction requests, those comments will be completely hidden until a final redaction is made by the Executive committee.  These requests will proceed along the Comment Removal Timeline below.  

Comment Removal Timeline:

Faculty send requests to their Chair or Dean:

Faculty are able to review their own evaluation reports, including student comments, before they are published to the university community, by logging into Campus Labs:   

After reviewing student feedback from the evaluation reports, faculty may request redaction of any comments that harass, threaten, defame, slander or otherwise fall outside the scope of the course by submitting a request to the department chair or dean.

If the chair/dean determines the comment/s require further review, they may forward the request to:

Undergraduate Courses:

Graduate Courses:

Assistant Vice President, (CELT):

Within 2 business days:

  • Requester will receive a confirmation of request
  • During this time, the complete comment in question will be hidden from view on the Classie site.

Within 5-7 business days:

  • *NEW* Review committee will be formed to include Patricia Aceves, Catherine Scott and 1-2 Distinguished Teaching faculty.
  • Requester will be notified of any determination made and the Classie site will be updated to reflect those changes.


Faculty may appeal the decision of the committee. Appeals requests should be sent to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at and/or the Vice Provost for Graduate Education at  In consultation with the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Surita Bhatia, an appeals decision will be made.

A confirmation of an appeal will be sent within 5 business days.

Final Decision:

A final decision will be made within 14 business days.  Comment recommendation will be posted at that time.    

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