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Announcements are one of the first things students see when they log onto Blackboard and enter your course. They are the best way to post information about upcoming tests, assignments, or other events.

  • Announcements can also be emailed directly to students, students cannot reply directly to the email announcements. If you want your students to be able to reply back to your announcments try: Sending an Email from Blackboard.

1. Enter your course by clicking its name in the My Courses module.
2. Any announcements will appear in the My Announcements module on the course Home Page.

3. Click either the title of the announcement to read its full text or more announcements... to see all announcements.
4. The full text of your announcements will appear. Make sure Edit Mode is ON in the upper right corner of the screen. 

5. Click Create Announcement.

6. Under Announcement Information, enter a Subject (required) and Message (optional).
7. Scroll down to Web Announcement Options. By default, announcements display on the Home Page for one week, then they’re archived but still accessible by clicking more announcements. 

  1.            How long do you want your announcement to display on the Home Page? 
  2.            Duration: Select Permanent to display it indefinitely. Otherwise, leave it at Date Restricted.
  3.            Select Date Restrictions: To display the announcement for more or less than 7 days, check the boxes for Display After and Display Until. Use the calendar and clock icons to select the desired dates and times, or type them manually into the boxes provided.

8. Proceed to the next section.
9. Want to e-mail your announcement to the class? Check the box for Email Announcement. This way, students will receive an e-mail notification even if they haven’t already signed up to receive them.  If you want your announcement to be available after a date in the future, you cannot also send an email. 
10. Does your announcement pertain to a document, assignment or test in another area of the course? If so, scroll down to Course Link.
11. Click Browse to open a popup listing all areas of your course.

12. Click the Expand All button in the upper left corner of the popup, or the plus button [+] to the left of any area to expand it.
13. Select the appropriate area of the course.
14. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.
15. The announcement will appear at the top of the page. Previous announcements are displayed in reverse chronological order.

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