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A NetID password lockout occurs after 10 erroneous login attempts. Lockout can occur when you change your NetID password without immediately updating it on all mobile devices that store passwords for automatic login on certain applications such as email and WolfieNet-Secure. Lockout freezes your account, so if on the 11th attempt you enter in the correct password, it will not be accepted.

Notes on NetID Password Lockout

  • You are locked out after 10 incorrect-password login attempts.
  • A mobile device trying to connect using a previous password can cause lockout.
  • The lockout-period is 15 minutes. You can try logging back in after the 15-minute lockout period.
  • You can determine your Lockout status in SOLAR:
    1. Log into SOLAR
    2. Click NetID Maintenance and then select Click here to set or change your NetID password
    3. Answer your security question and Verify
    4. Click the Set/Change NetID Password button
    5. On the Set NetID Password page, view your NetID Locked Out status
      Image of the NetID Refresh Button

How to Avoid Being Locked Out for Mobile Device Users

Mobile Devices (e.g., tablets, smart phones) trying to connect using your old password can cause lockout. To avoid this, be sure to put all mobile devices in Airplane Mode Before changing your NetID password in SOLAR.

What To Do If You Get Locked Out

Contact Customer Engagement & Support for troubleshooting assistance.

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