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Last Updated: April 04, 2017

Google does NOT allow you to share ownership of documents with Google accounts in other domains ( documents cannot be owned by accounts).  If you would like to move your Google Documents from your personal Google account ( to your Google Apps for Education account (, you will need to download the items to your computer, and then upload the same documents to your Stony Brook Google Drive.

Downloading your Google Drive documents to your computer:

  1. Log into your personal Google Drive account ( with your personal Google username and password
  2. In your list of documents, check the box next to the documents you want to download
  3. Once you have selected your documents, click More This is an image of a gray button labeled "More." at the top of your documents list and choose Download... from the drop-down menu
  4. Google will analyze your documents and can convert them to documents that you can open on your computer (i.e. Microsoft Office files)
    • You can choose to download "selected" items or "all" items
    • There is a 2GB export limit, however if you have more documents to download, you can repeat this process
  5. When you have made your selection, click Download This is an image of a blue button that reads "Download."
  6. Google will compress your files into a .zip file and your browser will automatically download the .zip folder
  7. You can edit your documents offline with Microsoft Office or with other editors

Uploading Documents into Your Stony Brook Google Drive:

  1. After downloading your documents from your personal Google Drive, you can upload the same files into your Google Apps for Education account
  2. Log into your Google Apps for Education account ( using your NetID and NetID password
  3. Choose Drive from the gray navigation bar at the top of your window to open Google Drive
  4. Click the Upload This is an image of an orange button with an external hard drive and an up-pointing arrow. button
    Choosing Files... will allow you to upload individual files
    Choosing Folder... will allow you to upload a folder with multiple files
    This is an image of the drop-down menu that allows you to upload files and/or folders in Google Drive.
  5. To upload the folder that was downloaded in the previous section, click Folder...
  6. Browse your computer for the folder that you downloaded
  7. Once you have located the folder you want to upload, click OK
  8. Your folder will begin uploading automatically and you will see the following window appear
    This is an image of Google Drive's upload complete prompt.
  9. Your Google Apps for Education account ( is now listed as the ownder for the documents you downloaded and later uploaded from your personal Google Drive

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