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Last Updated: October 16, 2017

Please read about the login node before using the system.

Logging In

Linux and MacOS

You may access the SeaWulf or LI-red cluster login node using the command-line from any modern workstation via secure shell (SSH). In Linux or MacOSX, simply ssh to the SeaWulf login node with X11 enabled by issuing the command:

ssh -X NetID@login.seawulf.stonybrook.edu

Equivalently, for LI-red, ssh to the login node using your LI-red account name:

ssh -X myaccount@lired.iacs.stonybrook.edu


If you are using Windows, we recommend using either SSH Communciations Security Corp's Secure Shell (SSH) client or MobaXterm.  SSH is available for SBU researchers and students using SoftWeb (login with SBU NetID required) Using this application you can login to login.seawulf.stonybrook.edu using your NetID or lired.iacs.stonybrook.edu using your LI-red account name, making sure to enable X11 forwarding under X11 tunneling:

In addition an X11 server, such as Xming, must be operating on your computer in order to utilize graphical applications.

Alternatively, MobaXterm Home Edition may be freely downloaded and installed by SeaWulf and LI-Red users, as long as multiple individuals are not using the same installation.  MobaXterm comes with its own X server, so no additional utilities are required to enable X11 tunneling.  Login with MobaXterm by clicking the "New Session" button and provide the hostname (either login.seawulf.stonybrook.edu or lired.iacs.stonybrook.edu) and your username:

Setting Up Passwordless Access

Additionally, passwordless access is easily enabled. See How do I set up passwordless SSH? for a short tutorial.


Learning About the Login Node

Whenever you log into SeaWulf or LI-red, you will be interacting with the Login Node.  To understand what this is, see What is a login node?

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