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Last Updated: August 11, 2020
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This is a general help guide for all classrooms with this style touch panel. While the steps and location of buttons are the same regardless of which style room you are in, there may be slight discrepancies in font, color, options and icons, dependent on the slight differences in hardware. For specific details about your classroom, please contact AV.


Step 1: Power on and/or connect your device.


Option A. If using the installed computer, turn on the computer.                                                                                                 

The computer power button can be found labelled inside the lectern drawers

Make sure the SMART monitor on the surface of the lectern is also powered on.

Option B. If using your own device, plug in the necessary cables.

Locate the AUX input plate on the surface of the lectern. Plug into the Computer Input

An additional AUX input plate is located on the side of the lectern if needed.


Step 2: Locate the touch panel and tap the screen to wake up the display.



Step 3: Turn on the projector



Step 4: After you make your selection, a "System Starting Up" screen will lock the touch panel while the system warms up.


Step 5: Select the 'Sources' button on the top of the screen.



In the Sources page, send individual sources to different output by "sending" the appropriate source to each display. 
  • If you are using the built-in computer, select "Lectern Computer Main" in each "send to" row.
  • If you are using your own device, select "Laptop One" in each "send to" row.
For the AUX inputs on the side of the lectern, select "Auxiliary Inputs"
Please note which Source affects your Recording and Audio outputs.


Optional steps to navigate system controls:

  • Select the 'Audio' button on the top of the screen


In the Audio page, you can control the volume of individual sources and microphones . 
Changes in these settings do NOT affect any recording or conferencing volume.


  • Select the 'Lights' button on the top of the screen.


In the Lights page, you can choose from a programmed preset to control the lights.

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