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Last Updated: October 15, 2018

If you've been invited to a Google Hangout Meet session or want to learn more about how they work, here are a few tips.

Audio and Video Set up

In Google Hangouts Meet, you can speak/listen to session audio through your computer/headset or your phone by dialing in. If you choose to use a webcam, have a light behind it so your face is well lit.

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Muting Your Microphone/Video

In some situations, it's best to mute your microphone, for example, when you're

  • In a noisy area
  • Using your computer's built-in speakers (instead of a headset)
  • Coughing/sneezing a lot

To mute the microphone, select the microphone icon at the bottom; when muted, the icon will be disabled (red). Click again to unmute.

You can turn off your video by selecting the video camera icon at the bottom; when off, the video icon will be disabled (red). Click again to turn the webcam back on.

Using Chat

It can be tricky to know when it’s your turn to speak, but you can use the chat feature to bring attention to your point or question.

  • Chat mesages will display on the main screen for a few seconds when sent.
  • To view the full chat and send chat messages, click the chat icon near the top right. new meet chat message

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