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Last Updated: August 11, 2020
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Repair technicians are dispatched twice daily, repairs are generally made by 5PM the following business day.

Faculty/Staff, Chapin, Schomberg and West Apartment Residents

Telephone problems can be reported by contacting Customer Engagement & Support.

Note: Chapin and West Apartment students must have their phones tested in the Quad Office prior to submitting a repair order to Customer Engagement & Support. The student is responsible for replacing any broken or damaged telephone instrument.

Campus Residents

  • If your University issued telephone has mechanical difficulty, keep your phone plugged into the voice port of the jack.
  • Residents should report all telephone problems to their Quad Office.
  • A trouble report form must be filled out by the resident at the Quad Office. One half of the form will be given to the resident as a receipt and the other half will be kept at the Quad Office until the phone is repaired. The Quad Office will report the problem to Customer Engagement & Support and provide an escort for access to the resident's room.
  • Resident students experiencing telephone problems, who do not have a University issued phone, must have their equipment tested by the Quad Office confirming the functionality of said equipment. Should the phone test to be working correctly, the Quad Office will submit a trouble ticket to Customer Engagement & Support. It is the student's responsibility to replace phones found to be defective.

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