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Last Updated: January 28, 2014

Once you have received the confirmation email from the webmaster stating that your webspace has been created, you will need to log onto a computer with SSH Secure Shell Client and SSH Secure File Transfer Client.  These applications can be downloaded for free from Softweb here.

To get started using Sparky to host your webspace, follow these steps:

1. After downloading the applications (or visitng a SINC Site), open SSH Secure Shell Client.  Once the application launches, you can press the space bar or click \"\"\"\"\"\".

2. You will be prompted to enter:

  1. Host Name:
  2. User Name: Your NetID

3. When you have entered the information as indicated below, click Connect.

4. Press OK to acknowledge the message from the server, and when you are prompted for your authentication response, enter your NetID password and press OK.

5. At the sparky% prompt, type pwd and press the Enter key.  You will see your home directory and it should look like /export/home2/n/e/netid.

  • If you made a mistake or you do not see your home directory, type cd at the sparky% prompt and press the Enter key.  This will bring you back to the main menu where you can type pwd again.

6. Next, you must create a shortcut (symbolic link) to your www folder so you can drag and drop files to your website.  To do this, type the following:

  • For Facultyln -s /usr/www/Faculty/first_eight_characters_of_your_NetID/ www
  • For Studentsln -s /usr/www/Stu/first_eight_characters_of_your_NetID / www
  • The letters in bold should be entered as they appear above (with spaces in the appropriate places).  Remember to enter ONLY the first EIGHT (8) characters of your NetID.

7. After you create a symbolic link to your www folder, you can click the Open new file transfer window  button in the tool bar at the top of your window.

8. If you double-click the www folder (circled in red below), you will see a list of the files you have on your website, including the index.htm file the webmaster created for you.  You can drag and drop .htm or .html files into your www folder and they will be available on your website provided that you link to them properly. 

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