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What is the Talent Management System?

A talent management system (TMS) is an integrated suite of services related to the recruitment and management of job candidates, onboarding, and performance and goal setting. Oracle’s Taleo TMS is the system that was selected following a detailed process involving DoIT, Procurement and HR professionals from Stony Brook University, Stony Brook Medicine and the Long Island State Veterans Home.





When will the system be available?

  • Phase 1: Recruitment Go-live on February 5th, 2015 (excludes faculty postings)

  • 1a: Faculty Recruitment
  • Phase 2: Onboarding Go-live in Spring 2015

  • Phase 3: Performance Management -  In process




Who will be using the Talent Management System?

  1. Job Candidates

External Applicants can apply for posted State and Research Foundation (non-faculty) jobs  using the new jobs portal Candidates will maintain a job profile and get notified about postings that match their profile. Candidate Profiles can be created by importing a LinkedIn profile.

  1. Current Employees

Current employees can apply to any position posted using the TMS. Candidates will maintain a job profile and get notified about job postings that match their profile. Job Profiles can be created by importing a LinkedIn profile. Internal postings will be posted on an employee job portal which only current employees can apply to.

    3. Departments (Hiring Managers, Department Administrators, etc.) 

Hiring Managers, Department Administrators and VP Coordinators can create requisitions and submit them through the TMS.  

  1. Search Committee Chairs

Search Committee Chairs will be using the system to see the applicant pool, candidate profiles and move the applicants through the search process as agreed upon by the committee.

  1. Search Committee members

Members of the search committee can see the applicant pool and the applicant profiles.

  1. HR staff

  2. Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action





How do I access the Talent Management System?

  1. External Job Candidates - can create an account, a job profile and apply for posted State and Research Foundation jobs (non-faculty) using the new job portal External candidates will log in using an account created within the TMS. Faculty and Library positions will be posted on

  1. Departments (Hiring Managers, Department Administrators, etc.) can sign in to the system to manage their recruitment activities by going to and entering their NetID and NetID password. 

  1. Search Committee members can sign in to the system to manage their search activities by going to and entering their NetID and NetID password. 

  1. Current Employees can update their profile, view and apply for jobs by going to and entering their NetID and NetID password. 

  1. HR staff will access the system by going to and entering their NetID and NetID password.





How do I get my NetID and password?

All Stony Brook University employees have a NetID. You can find your NetID or reset the password by going to SOLAR (, click Security and Personal Data then click NetID Maintenance. Click here for a short video demonstration. If you need assistance:

  • Users on Stony Brook University West Campus can contact Customer Engagement & Support 

  • Users at Stony Brook Medicine or the Long Island Veterans Home contact 444-HELP or click on “Help Desk” from the Intranet.





How do I get trained to use the Talent Management System?  

Staff who are involved in the recruiting process will be invited to classroom training starting in mid January. Job Aids and other documentation and videos will be available online. Contact your HR Department for more information.

West Campus users please email for more information.





How do I request access?

  • All current Stony Brook employees will automatically have access in TMS to view their profiles, and apply for job postings.

  • All external candidates can create an account and manage their job profile to apply for jobs

  • All department administrators, hiring managers, etc. have been entered into the system with their proper roles/permissions.





Whom do I contact for help with questions about the TMS application or changes to the Recruitment process?

  • Users on Stony Brook University West Campus can contact us via email at, for questions regarding changes to the recruitment process please contact Employment Services at

  • Users at Stony Brook Medicine can call the 4-HELP.  Technical questions will be addressed by IT staff and functional questions will be forwarded to Human Resources.  Users may also contact Human Resources directly by calling 444-4700.
  • Users at Long Island Veterans Home can call HR at  444-8617




Will I continue to use the Resume Submission tool that was available for CJO postings?

The Resume Submission tool will be used only for posted faculty jobs. All other candidates will apply through the TMS.





What happens to the SUSB 37 and 68 forms?

These forms will no longer be used.  The data that is placed on those forms manually are now available electronically in the TMS and allows the Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action to report on all such data and view it as the search and selection process progresses through the system.





Are candidates able to use mobile devices ?

Yes, the TMS is compatible with most mobile phones and tablets for candidates.





Can I use my mobile device to create requisitions?

No, using the administrative system requires Adobe Flash and IE7+ or Chrome 37.





If I am asked to approve requisitions, can I do so from my mobile device?

Yes, if you are an approver you will be able to approve from any device that you can receive html emails on.





What browsers can I use?  

Most modern browsers are supported.   The systems works well on IE7+ and Chrome 37 on PC and Safari 6+ on Mac OSX.





Do I need to install any special software?

The TMS is a cloud-based system which you access from a web browser. If you are using the system to create requisitions, you will need to make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash on your computer. Adobe Flash Player 11 is recommended for Recruiting Center.




Stony Brook University West Campus, HSC, Faculty and CPMP specific questions


What happens to the Lotus Notes PDAR used on Stony Brook University West Campus?  

The TMS will replace the PDAR system.  PDARs will be archived and sent to all VP Coordinators.  The system will no longer allow users to start PDARs on January 26th to allow time to archive and transition over to the TMS.


Will I still use (Lotus Notes) Campus Job Opportunities (CJO) for my job postings?

You will continue to use CJO for non-faculty jobs until February 4th.  February 5th the new TMS will be used in place of the Lotus Notes CJO system except for Faculty recruitment.


How do I post Faculty postings?
There is no change in process for Faculty and Library positions at this time. Continue to follow the procedure you always have. The URL for the Faculty Jobs site will be changed to on February 5 and will be linked from the Jobs page.


How do I  request other transactions such as promotions, reclassifications, permanent increased duties, etc.?

For Stony Brook University West Campus, these requests will be submitted electronically using the TMS requisition process.




Stony Brook Medicine and LISVH specific questions


When is the last date I can submit a paper staffing request?

January 22, 2015 is the posting date. Please ensure that you leave enough time to get through the approval process, including the Recruitment Committee. The last meeting of the committee prior to January 22, 2015 is January 21, 2015. Any positions approved by the committee on January 21, 2015 will be posted for two (2) weeks.


Can I use my UHMC logon to access the TMS?

No, since all university employees do not have a UHMC ID, you will need to use the Stony Brook NetID. You can find your NetID credentials and reset the password through SOLAR.


When will I be trained on the system?

Training for Department Heads, Department Head Assistants, Executive Staff, Executive Staff Assistants, SEG and SEG assistant will take place during the month of January 2015.  

Invitations will be sent out shortly.  As there are a large number of individuals that need training, we have prioritized the training invitation lists.  Individuals that are in the ‘approval process’ will be trained first. Those divisions and departments that historically have had high volume searches will be among the first trained.


I am scheduled for training but I have a vacancy that needs to be posted now, what can be done?

For classified positions contact your area’s HR Generalist, for unclassified positions contact Nancy Berg-Brown or Faith Merrick. Call 444-4700.  Human Resources will work with you to create a requisition and start the process. If you are a Manager at the LISVH, please contact Human Resources at 444-8617.


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