Filtering Emails from Stony Brook's Blackboard to Another Email or to a Tag in Gmail

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Last Updated: August 11, 2020
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Blackboard uses different protocols to send emails from different parts of the course site. Most emails sent through Blackboard contain the address of the sender.

To filter emails sent from Blackboard you would need to create two filters for each course that you are taking.

Note: You are still responsible for reading your course emails. We recommend using manual filtering and forwarding for class emails. This method may not file, filter or forward correctly.

To Filter Emails you need to create two filters for each class. This will help in filtering emails of different formats sent through Blackboard. This method works best if you have two Internet browser windows open, one containing Blackboard and one containing your Stony Brook Gmail account.

  1. Log into Blackboard and Click on the Courses Tab. You will have a list of all classes that you are currently enrolled in. In this course listing you will see the Course ID and the Course Name.    


  2. Copy your Course ID or your Course Name. You will be doing this process for both the Course ID and Course Name of all classes that you want to filter. Below is a sample class that we will be using to create the filter in this demo.

  3. In Gmail click on the gear in the upper right corner. Then click Settings in the menu.
  4. Click the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab at the top of the page then click "Create New Filter."
  5. Paste Your Course ID or Course Name into the Subject search box then click "Create Filter with this search."
  6. You can now select the options for how the filter will process your email, including labeling and forwarding to a different email account. You will see a message at the bottom of how many matching conversations there are for this message, this can help you make sure that the filter is working correctly. Once you are ready click "Create Filter."
  7. You will receive a message that your filter has been created. Repeat steps 1-6 using the Course ID or Course Name, which was not done previously to make sure that all emails are filtered correctly.

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