Fall 2019 Updates to SINC Site Computers (Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Reader, Mac Permissions)

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Last Updated: August 11, 2020
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Attention Fall 2019 instructors who are teaching this Fall in either Fine Arts eMedia SINC Site (Room 1302) or the Hybrid Lab in Staller 4255. Changes were made to both locations this summer and we want to be sure you are all informed prior to the start of classes.

Change #1:  Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 

If you require your students to use Adobe Creative Cloud for assignments, please know that Adobe Creative Cloud 9 is now available in the following locations: Fine Arts 1301 (macs only), Staller 4255 (macs only), & Melville Library Main SINC Site S1460 (Windows & Macs). 

In order to access the software, everyone will need an Adobe ID.  If you or your students need help, submit a help request online at service.stonybrook.edu.    We recommend you notify your students prior to class that an Adobe ID is required.

Change #2: Adobe Acrobat Reader

When using Adobe Acrobat Reader for the first time, users will have to accept the end-user license agreement (EULA) on each computer they use in the SINC Site.   Accounts are deleted after 3 days of inactivity.  Once an account is deleted, the EULA will have to be accepted again.

Change #3: MAC OS 10.14 now requires permission from users to use certain program features that need to access System Preferences; You must click "OK"

or even act as an input device in the users' environment. Examples are: an application wants access to the users' contacts in their address book;  a pen tablet wants to act as a mouse.  

Everyone who uses the SINC Sites (instructors & students) will be prompted when this security feature is necessary:
Request to provide access to documents and data in System Preferences - If prompted, Click OK

If you click "Don't Allow" and need to use that feature, instructors & students  will have to submit a ticket at service.stonybrook.edu  (or call 631.632.9800) to have your profile reset on that machine:

1.  Select: Computer & Device Support
2.  Report an Issue
3.  In Detailed Description, provide as much information as you can including what app or device you are using or plugging in, a screenshot of the error message, computer, username, time/date, and location, etc.
4.  Select the System Name:  SINC Site Apple Computer

*Please be careful when using the Instructor machine, it could take up to 2 business days to reset your profile.   

Assuming there is another computer available, students can move to a different computer,  log in and when prompted click OK.   

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