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Last Updated: December 02, 2016

What is an ePortfolio at Stony Brook University?

Stony Brook University Model ePortfolio Showcase - Spotlight on ePortfolios - https://stonybrook.digication.com/stony_brook_eportfolio_showcase

1. Showcase (Learning) ePortfolio - Student Driven

    • Eda Gimenez - https://stonybrook.digication.com/egimenez 

2. Course ePortfolio (Course Assessment) - Hybrid: Faculty and Student Driven

    • Aaron Doucett - https://stonybrook.digication.com/aarondoucett 

3. Program ePortfolio (Program Assessment for Learning) - Hybrid: Department, Faculty and Student Driven

   • Alison Fox (Leadership) -  https://stonybrook.digication.com/alison_fox

4. Accreditation ePortfolio (Program Assessment for Learning) - Hybrid: Deparment, Faculty and Student Driven

   • Linda Milano - https://stonybrook.digication.com/linda_n_milano1

5. Accreditation ePortfolio (Program Assessment of Learning) - Program and Faculty Driven

  • Kweku Acquah - https://stonybrook.digication.com/kweku_acquah_reusr

6. Career and Internship ePortfolios (Professional ePortfolio) - Evidence of skills and abilities in relation to professional goals

  • Harshdeep Banwait - https://stonybrook.digication.com/harshdeep_banwait (Internship ePortfolio)
  • Joseph Nowak - https://stonybrook.digication.com/joseph_nowak

7. Teaching ePortfolios (Professional ePortfolio) - Documentation of teaching philosphy and strategy
   • Dr. Cynthia Davidson - https://stonybrook.digication.com/cdavidson
   • Kelliann Schrage Flores - https://stonybrook.digication.com/kelliann_schrage_flores_teaching_portfolio

8.  Project ePortfolios - Faculty and Student Owned

   • Biomedical Engineering Senior Design II - https://stonybrook.digication.com/biodesign_group_5/need

9.  Reflection - Used for reflecting and scaffolding knowledge - Personally Owned

   • Ahrum Kim - https://stonybrook.digication.com/ahrum_kim_design_your_world   

   • Mariam Shareef - https://stonybrook.digication.com/mariam_shareef

Please contact Nancy Wozniak for more information: nancy.wozniak@stonybrook.edu



What is an ePortfolio?

  •  What is an ePortfolio? - Clemson University


  • ePortfolio Diversity - Virginia Tech


Learning and Research 

  • Enhancing Student Learning - University of Michigan


Assessment (Accreditation) 

  • Documenting Student Work - Salt Lake Community College



  • Chronicling Student Internships - George Mason University



  • Reflecting on Coursework - San Francisco State University








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