Entering Student Grades on Blackboard

Through the Blackboard Grade Center, instructors & teaching assistants will be able to enter and modify student grades with ease.

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Last Updated: August 11, 2020
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Automatically Entered Grades

Tests are (in most cases) assessed by Blackboard, and grades are automatically recorded in the Grade Center.  If a Test or Assignment allows for multiple attempts, the instructor may choose which attempt to use.

1. Select the arrow button to the right of the test's column title, then select Edit Column Information.

2. Under Score attempts using, instructors may select any of the following to be the final test grade. Whatever you select here will apply to all students who take the test.

  • Grade of Last Attempt: Student's most recent attempt
  • Highest grade
  • Lowest grade
  • Grade of First Attempt
  • Average of (all) Attempt Grades


3. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.


Manually Entered Grades

1. Click on the desired cell.

2. Type in the student's grade based on the Primary Display. Keep track of the Points Possible and Primary Display in the Grade Information Bar above the Grade Center.

3. If the column's Primary Display is:

  • Score: Type numeric value out of Points Possible. Example: 8.5 out of 10
  • Text: Instructors may type any symbol, letter or number as a grade.
    • NOTE: If a number is not used, the grade will not be calculated in the overall Total.
  • Percentage: Displays percentage instead of numeric value. Example: 90 out of 100 displays as 90%.
  • Letter: Type letter grade or numeric value which corresponds to letter grade. Example: 95 displays as A.
  • Complete/Incomplete: If complete, type numeric value out of Points Possible. Grade will display as a checkmark. If incomplete, leave blank.
    • Is your Complete/Incomplete grade not going to count in students' overall grade? Make the column worth 0 points, then enter a 0 for all complete grades.


4. If an unacceptable letter or symbol is entered, depending on the Primary Display, an error message will appear. 

5. Hit Enter or Return on your keyboard. The grade will convert to the selected Primary and Secondary Display (if applicable). 


Modify Grades

1. Click on the cell with the existing grade, and type in another grade. Check the Grade Information Bar above Points Possible and Primary Display.

2. Hit Enter or Return on your keyboard. The grade will automatically update.

3. To view all changes to a grade, hover over the cell and click on the arrow button to the right of the grade.

4. Select View Grade Details.

5. Select the Grade History tab, which will show all changes to this student's grade.

6. The Grade History is enabled by default. If you don't want to record all grade changes, go back to your Grade Center. Select Reports, then View Grade History.

  • Disable Grade History: Turns off History. All previous changes are saved, but future changes will not be recorded. Click Enable Grade History to turn this feature back on.
  • Clear Grade History: Erases all previous changes.
  • Download: Save changes to an Excel spreadsheet.


Exempt Grades

The Grade Center has added the ability to drop or exempt a grade from total calculations. 

Example: An instructor gives three tests and wants to drop the lowest grade at the end of the semester.


1. Click the arrow button to the right of a grade.

2. Select Exempt Grade.

3. A blue square will replace the grade, indicating exemption. The Total and Weighted Total columns will also update.

4. To revert back to the original grade, select the arrow button to the right of the blue square, then select Clear Exemption.

Note: Instructors may automatically drop students' lowest grade in a category by setting up their Weighted Total column or a new Calculated Column.

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