Enrolling into DUO Two-Step Login for the First Time on a Mobile Phone

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Enrolling and Installing DUO mobile

Passwords are becoming easier and easier to compromise. Two-Step Login adds a second layer of security by verifying your identity using a second factor, like your phone.  

The instructions below show the steps for enrolling into the DUO Security System (Stony Brook’s two-step login authentication system) and installing the DUO app on your mobile phone.  For an alternative method, or for help, please create a ticket at service.stonybrook.edu, or call Customer Engagement and Support at 631-632-9800.
*It is recommended that you add more than one device if possible.

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  1. When you receive an email from Duo Security, on your computer click on the link provided to enroll your mobile phone.  Keep your mobile phone handy to the complete installation!

  2. Click Start setup to begin enrolling into Duo:

  3. Adding a mobile phone is the recommended method.  Select Mobile phone, click Continue and have your mobile phone handy: 

  4. Enter your phone number, verify your number is correct by checking the box and then click Continue.

  5. Select the type of device you have and click Continue

  6. Follow the instructions for downloading the DUO Mobile app onto your phone:

    • Accept the licensing agreement on your phone.

    • When prompted, allow for DUO Mobile to send you push notifications on your phone. This will expedite the two-step authentication process as well as alert you if someone is trying to log into one of your accounts.

    • Allow the app to use the phone's camera when prompted -- you will need this to establish a connection.

  7. Then click “I have Duo mobile installed

  8. Use your phone to scan  this QR code that appears on your computer screen to quickly establish a connection to your phone:
    *Turn on your camera on your phone to use as a QR code reader or download a QR code reader from the App Store or Google Play.

  9. When connection between phone and DUO is established, you will see a Key on your phone and  a green check will appear over the QR code on your computer screen.


    *Note:  Once you establish this connection, if you accidently delete the connection on your phone you will need to put in a new ticket to get a reactivation link sent to your device.

  10. On the My Settings and Devices screen, verify the device that was just added and change “When I log in:” to Automatically send this device a DUO Push and then click the Finish Enrollment button.

  11. Enrollment successful:

  12. Be sure to enroll a second device like a tablet, landline phone or a second mobile phone.  To enroll a second device go to the Duo Self Service Portal:  https://duoselfservice.stonybrook.edu/


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