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To help keep your computers and the data on them safe, follow these tips:


Set a password for your computer and be sure to use it! That is, when you step away from your computer, lock it (PC) or put it to sleep (Mac) and be sure a password is required to re-access it (Mac). 

Use strong passwords and a secure system for having a different password for every site/function. Follow these tips.


Be sure your computer has antivirus software on it but only ONE. If you have any expired or sample antivirus software, remove it.

Stony Brook students, faculty, and staff can get Symantec Antivirus free through Softweb.


A Firewall acts like a wall between your computer and outside connections, helping to protect you. Be sure your computer's Firewall is on. You can find Firewall settings in the Control Panel (PC) or System Preferences (Mac).


Computers need to be updated regularly to keep current with any updates, for example a Microsoft security update. You can even set your computer to run the update program automatically, every week or so. You can access updates in the Control Panel (PC) or System Preferences (Mac).

Keep a Record of Device IDs

For all your computers/laptops (and mobile devices, too), record their serial numbers and Wi-Fi/MAC addresses. Store the list of numbers/addresses in a secure place separate from your device. In the case of a lost/stolen device, these numbers can be used to help recover your device.

Learn how to find the Serial Numbers and Wi-Fi/MAC Addresses.

View previously recorded training or request training on this!

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