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Blackboard’s SafeAssign tool provides a way for students to securely submit work to Blackboard. Setup and use of SafeAssign is integrated into Assignments:

  SafeAssign Assignments
Plagiarism Checking Yes No
Accepted File Types Specific (see below) Any
Number of Attachments Allowed One Multiple
Number of Attempts Allowed One to unlimited (up to Instructor) One to unlimited (up to Instructor)


As noted above, SafeAssign detects plagiarism. Student work is checked against several databases of source material.

These databases include:

1. The Internet.
2. Proquest/ABI Inform, containing articles from the 1990s to today, updated weekly.
3. Institutional (or Stony Brook) database, containing all work submitted by users at Stony Brook University.
4. Global Reference Database, to which students can voluntarily submit their work for future reference.

SafeAssign only accepts certain types of files, including:

  • Microsoft Word: .doc and .docx
  • OpenOffice Writer: .odt
  • Adobe PDF: .pdf
  • Plain text: .txt
  • Rich text: .rtf
  • Web page: .htm and .html
  • Package/archive of multiple files (instructors only): .zip

SafeAssignments in Blackboard

SafeAssignments for Students in Blackboard (PDF)

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