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Last Updated: August 11, 2020
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A working WiFi or wired internet connection.  3G/4G connection may work but may be slow or even unstable.  LTE connection may prove to be much better.

Get the following apps from the Apple App Store

  • Citrix Receiver

One important thing before continuing

  • Caution! There is a 30 minute idle timeout.  A warning message will appear that time is running out.  Be aware that you may be leaving unfinished projects alone too long.  You will lose your work!
  • Professors or anyone listed as teaching classes have a 3 hour timeout.

Logging in

  1. Open the Citrix Receiver app
  2. Click on "Add Account" in the center of the screen.
  3. The the "Address" field type "" and touch Next.
  4. In the "User Name" field type your NetID.
  5. Then enter your NetID password.
  6. Finally in the "Domain" field enter "" and touch "Save".

Using the mobile Virtual SINC Site

  1. Touch the Apps tab on he far right side of the screen.
    Citrix Receiver Apps tab
  2. This will expose the complete selection of applications which are organized into groups.
     Virtual SINC Site on iPad Programs List
  3. Touch the group names to see what apps are available in each.
  4. Selecting the apps bookmarks them and they will begin to populate the main screen.
    Receiver Favorite apps
  5. Once you're done, you may begin by touching on your bookmarked apps.
  6. Not all apps are individually available.  These can be accessed in the "Virtual SINC Site Desktop" app under the "Virtual SINC Site Full Desktop" group.  You cannot use this and open an individual apps. Will cause problems.

Logging Off

  1. End your sessions by closing your apps.
  2. If in the "Virtual SINC Site Desktop" app.  Go into the Start Menu and select "log off."
    Virtual SINC Site full desktop logoff
  3. In Citrix Receiver, touch "Log Off" in the upper left corner of the screen.
     Citrix Receiver Logoff Button


  1. Print from Anywhere is built into the Virtual SINC Site.

Using the Citrix Mobile Toolbar

  1. When in any app, you will see a small bar hugging the top of the screen.
     Citrix Mobile Toolbar hidden
  2. Touching it will expose the what it can do.
    Citrix Receiver Toolbar Shown
  3. The Home buttom returns you to the main iPad screen.
  4. The Pair buton attaches a Bluetooth device to you Virtual SINC Site session.
  5. The Arrow Keys button mimics the arrow keys on a desktop PC.
  6. The Keyboard button shows the keypad to type.
  7. The Pointer button activates a PC mouse like function.
  8. The Magnifyer button is a magifying glass function.
  9. The Gestures button is the Gesters Guide to remind you what touch gestures you can use.
  10. The Switch button is to switch between multiple open apps.  Do not use this when in the full desktop session.

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