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Last Updated: September 13, 2016

There are a number of communcation tasks that can be done in the Skype for Business app with individuals and groups. Each one has its own set of useful features:

  • Chat - you can:
    • send an attachment (picture, video, etc.)
    • paste an image or send an emoticon
    • send something as important 
  • Video conference
  • Voice calling (no video)
  • Present - you can share: 
    • Your Screen 
    • Programs
    • PowerPoint files
    • Notes
  • Record online meetings
  • Add more people to the conversation

To begin communicating with someone, launch the Skype for Business app  from you computer and double-click on a name in your contacts list:


To create a message, enter text near the bottom of the screen. Click the blue arrow   or press Enter on your keyboard to send it.

You can also paste any screenshots in the text entry area and send that too.

You can also:

 send an attachment

  express that something is urgent or important

  send an emoticon to help express tone in your message

Upload an attachment during your chat session

Click the monitor icon     and then click Add Attachments... to upload a file from your computer during your chat session.


To shrink this chat window click the word bubble icon at the bottom of the screen: 

  Video Calls

If your computer does not have a built-in webcam or microphone, plug in your video camera and headset and then click the video camera icon to start a web conference right in your chat window.

  Conference Calls (Voice-only calls on your computer without video)

To make a conference call without video during your chat session, click the phone icon.

  Present and Share Your Screen

Click the monitor icon in your chat window to initiate screen or program sharing.  

Watch the Video

You can choose to:

  • Present your desktop
  • Present a program that is running on your computer.  This can be any program!  Like Word, Excel, a browser, etc..
  • Present a PowerPoint file
  • Upload an attachment to your audience
  • Share notes from OneNote

When you present you may give an attendee control over your screen or upgrade an attendee to present their screen.  

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