Changing the Text Color in a Module on My ePortfolio (Digication)

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Last Updated: May 24, 2018

In order to change the default color of your text in all of your rich text modules, you will need to customize the CSS code of your ePortfolio. The colors of various elements of your ePortfolio (such as border, page background color, etc.) are determined by a hexadecimal code in your ePortfolio's CSS code box. There are a variety of sites for finding CSS color codes such as (the color code will be displayed to the left on a small box displaying your selected color) or (the color code will be displayed to the right of the wheel once you hover your mouse over a color).


1. After logging into your ePortfolio, click on 'Portfolio Tools' and select 'Settings.'

2. Under 'Choose a Theme', click on 'Customize.'

3. Scroll past "Directory Icon" and "Header Image" to the "Custom CSS" box. 

4. In the first section of the code, replace the "222222" (which is the code for the color black) with the hexadecimal code of your new color. Do not delete the pound sign or any semicolons.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "save".   

Note: Be sure to change your text to a color that will still be visible against your background. You may also use the CSS Code box to modify other design elements of your ePortfolio.


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