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Last Updated: March 22, 2017

New Clickers Purchased from Turning Technologies

Clickers must be purchased directly from Turning Technologies:

When you purchase a NEW clicker (either from the Bookstore or if you purchased a clicker/license package from Turning Technologies), you do NOT need to purchase an additional license code.  Turning Technologies will give a license code automatically applied to the Turning Technologies account used to purchase the clicker.

New/Used Clickers Purchased from Another Retailer (Like

If you purchase a new clicker from another retailer (like OR if you purchase a used clicker, you must purchase a license code to use it in your classes.


Register Your Clicker

Once you purchase your clicker/license, you will need to register it so that you will get credit for participating in clases. 

To do so, follow these directions:

If you have questions, contact Turning Technologies directly at:  1.866.746.3015 or Submit a Request Ticket

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