Adding echo360 content into Blackboard

You have already requested that your course be captured, or you have recorded your own video and sent it to the echo360 cloud server... now how do you put it into your blackboard course?

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Last Updated: August 08, 2017

To add your echo360 videos to your course, you will need to follow these instructions.  

Start by entering into your course site within Blackboard.

Now go to the course content area of your choosing. In the image below, ours is called "Content", yours may be different, ex; Documents or Assignments.

left hand column in course

Now, use the "Build Content" drop down found under the title of the section you are in.  In our case, we are in the Content area.

image of opened drop down

From this menu, we want to select under the Mashups section, "Echo Cloud".

select Echo Cloud

This brings up the Create Echo Cloud page. 

Create Echo Cloud page

What this does, is create a link to the recordings; so at a minumum all you need to do is give it a name (Video Lectures, Videos, Captures...) and hit submit.  If you want to add more options, like to enable tracking, you can certainly also choose those features on this page before hitting submit.


After you hit submit you will see this new link with an echo360 logo next to it added to the content area. In this picture, it is the link that says "Videos".

After hitting submit, you will see the link

Almost done!  Next click on the new link.  Select the Course, Term and Section that your videos are associated with...

Connect your echo360 content


... and keep the default choice, "Link to the Section Home".

Finally, Click "Link Content" and you are finished*.


* - if you don't want students or other instructors to be able to download your videos, please click on Settings -> Features and turn OFF "Content downloads".


prevent students from downloading videos

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