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The number you need to dial depends on your where your office is located and where you are dialing in from

Office Location Dialing in From On Site Dialing in From Off Site
Main Campus 2-6610 (631) 632-6610
Hospital/HSC 4-6600 (631) 444-6600
Tech Park 4-4206 or 4-5290 (631) 444-4206 or (631) 444-5290

After dialing into Voice Mail, the initial temporary password is set at 111. Enter that password, you will hear You have logged into Voice Mail using a non-secured password. After this message, the caller must set a new password (minimum 3 numbers, no more than 24). Follow the steps offered by the phonemail system to set up greetings.

  • 8 for answering options
  • 1 to record a new greeting: record your greeting, when finished press * then #
  • 4 to record your name: record your name, when finished press * then #

Check out the Siemens PhoneMail Quick Reference Guide and Phone Mail Helpful Hints

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