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25Live uses a variety of icons to indicate status and functionality. To access this legend from within 25Live, select   Icon Legend at the bottom of a page

icon legend showing icons for event, starred event, create an event, edit an event, locked event (cannote be edited), event occurrence, location, starred location, location layout diagram, location image, resource, starred resource, organization, starred organization, item is starred (click to remove from starred), item is not starred (click to add to starred) location has no conflicts, location has conflicts, conflict check is pending, location can be shared, no permissions for this location, task (Active/pending), task (Approved/Completed), Task (Denied/Declined), Task (Cancelled), Flagged task, unflagged task, flagged task (user cannot unflag this task), unflagged task (user cannot flag this task), special cursors (these cursors appear whenever your mouse hovers above the name of a clickable event, location or resource Clicking on the name will load the default view for that item (usually the Detail view). Right-clicking that item will reveal a menu displaying all available views for that item (Detail, List, Calendar, etc.); choosing a view from this list will load that item using the selected view.

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