TurningPoint 5 - PowerPoint Polling (Clickers)

TurningPoint 5 has a significantly different instructor interface than TurningPoint Anywhere.  Any instructors using clickers in the classroom should attend one of these workshops to make the transistion.  TurningPoint 5 is a tool for student feedback within your teaching environment and is particularly helpful in larger classes and lecture halls.

Attend this workshop if you want to insert polls inside of your power point presentation.

Audience: Faculty and Teaching Assistants

Learning Objectives

Before Class

  • Downloading Software
  • Tour of the Dashboard
  • Discuss the differences between 08 and 5
  • Creating a Presentation in PP polling
  • Importing Participant List from Blackboard

During Class

  • Hardware setup and functionality
  • Running a Presentation
  • Saving Session

After Class

  • Generating Reports
  • Exporting Results to Blackboard

Workshop Schedule

This workshop is not currently scheduled. Please contact us to schedule a session for you.

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