Social Media on Facebook for Clubs

Why a Facebook page instead of a friend account?

Facebook pages were made to be used by different organizations and provide different tools to help users successfully analyze the effectiveness of their page. 
The most useful tool would be Insights.

Insights shows how much traffic there is on your page and what posts generate the most interest. With Facebook the posts you post as a Page can also be shared creating a viral nature for the content posted on your page, a feature that the personal friend account lacks. A  Facebook page allows you to have multiple admins to help moderate the page without having to pass along a username and password to every administrator.


Audience: Students and Teaching Assistants

At The End Of This Workshop You Will Be Able To:

Why a Facebook page instead of a friend account?

How to set up a Facebook page

What type of content can you post up?

What is the insights page?

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