Introduction to MS Excel for Statistics

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet tool that allows users to create, organize and apply formulas to data, as well as create graphs and charts. Statisticians use Excel to understand statistical concepts, double-check their calculations and create charts that display their data. Excel gives students the tools to make the most of their data. Cells makes organizing data easier and students won’t have to do many repetitive calculations. Work can be easily saved, shared, and printed.

For this workshop, it is important that students already know the basics of Statistics.  
The course will only go up to 1- Sample Z-test and T-test, other hypothesis testing will be offered in sequential workshop.

Audience: Students and Teaching Assistants

At The End Of This Workshop You Will Be Able To:

Create a Cumulative Frequency Table

Find the Mead, Median and Mode for a set of data

Find Variance and Standard Deviation

Construct a Confidence Interval

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