Get SMART about Interactive Presentations!

If you “combine the simplicity of a whiteboard and the power of a computer” the result is an interactive whiteboard (IWB).  (SMART Technologies)  IWB’s allow you to use any application available on the attached computer but you have the added capability of writing or drawing right on what is being projected as well as save any of the annotations that were made.

Interactive Whiteboards can be beneficial to students because they meet “the needs of visual learners; more interactively teaching whole-class lessons; better engaging students and using a variety of multimedia within a whole-class lesson - such as video, pictures, diagrams and websites.  (Lacina, 271)  Professors can save the annotated course notes and post them for students to view.  This allows students to focus more on the lesson and less on taking notes.  (McCollum, A23)

Audience: Students and Teaching Assistants

At The End Of This Workshop You Will Be Able To:

Know what an Interactive Whiteboard (WB) is and how to use one

Know how using an IWB can enhance lessons

Use SMART Notebook 10

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