Easy Group Emails, Events, and Sharing with Google Groups

Google Apps includes a powerful tool called Google Groups, which allows you to easily manage groups of recipients as well as sending email, calendars and events, and Google Drive items.

Let's say you frequently work with a group of 10 people. Instead of having to type everyone's name/address when sending email, creating an event, or sharing a Google Doc, Google Groups allows you to type just one name, the group name.

With groups, you can be sure you're not leaving anyone out. And if group members change, simply update the list of group members to automatically update events and Google Drive sharing so that everyone always has the correct access. Learn more in this training.

Audience: Clubs, Faculty, Guests, Researchers, Staff, Students and Teaching Assistants

Workshop Level: Intermediate

At The End Of This Workshop You Will Be Able To

Request a Google Group

Manage Group Members

Use the Group to Send Emails, Share Files, and Schedule Events Easily

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