Doing Group Projects Online with SharePoint

SharePoint is an online collaboration tool that can be used as an intranet site (or a central online location) for student groups or teams to work on a group project. Having a place to share work online reduces face-to-face meetings, the multitude of emails that comes with collaborating, and eliminates the bottleneck of having a single person upload items to the site because everyone can participate. Consider a SharePoint Workspace as having an asynchronous meeting where users can do work and collaborate during a time when it is most convenient to the individual.

Audience: Students

Workshop Level: Beginner

At The End Of This Workshop You Will Be Able To:

Sign in to SharePoint/MySite

Request a SharePoint site

Create Alerts for web parts

Add members to your site

Add a document to the Shared Documents Library

Install Versioning and the Check out feature

Obtain a previous version of a document

Check out a file and add a Wiki

Create Tasks and a Gantt view

Find your way home with Breadcrumbs

Manipulate Web parts

Use/create a discussion board and format it's view

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