Changing Your NetID Password

Not updating the password on your mobile apps or updating stored passwords can cause you to get locked out of your account. In this webinar, you will learn about why you should change your password and the tricks to making the change without locking yourself out.

Audience: Clubs, Faculty, Guests, Researchers, Staff, Students and Teaching Assistants

Workshop Level: Beginner

It is recommended you change your computer passwords every 3-6 months. This is true of your NetID password, too. Unlike changing your personal email password, changing your NetID password can be tricky. Remember your NetID applies to single-sign-on (for services like Blackboard and Google Apps),VPN from home, WolfieNet-Secure and, if you use a smartphone or tablet, many mobile apps.

At The End Of This Workshop You Will Be Able To:

Change Your NetID Password

Update Your Password for Mobile Apps that use NetID

Avoid Being Locked Out of Your Account

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