Universal Capture Walk Through & Understanding the Library (Echo360)

Tuesday, October 29th 1:00pm - 2:20pm
Javits 105

Learning Objective:

In this segment, the user will become familiar with the Universal Capture software and its associated workflows.   This is a hands-on session where you will participate with Echo360 as an instructor.  Part two will include familiarizing the user with the content library, how to save, publish and upload content to the library, and how to share or repurpose that content.

Part 1: The objective of this segment is to have the users perform the following:

Login to Echo360
Download and install Echo360 Peronal Capture software 
Make a recording
Edit a recording 
Publish a recording


Part two Training Topics/Highlights:

Login and Navigate to Library Tab
View capture created in the earlier session 
Explain search filters 
Learn how publishing to a course creates a copy in the Library by default
Click on Recorded universal capture
Showcase publishing to course/indv- showcase public links
Show how to download Original files 
Explain how the closed captioning feature works 
Show how to ingest media into the library via the upload content feature

Audience: Faculty, Postdocs and Teaching Assistants

Hosted By

Jennifer Adams