College Teaching Seminar Series: Course Design Considerations

Wednesday, December 12th 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Graduate School Conference Room, Old Computer Science Building

In this seminar we will discuss what makes a great syllabus and a well-designed course. Even if you don’t have to design a course in the very near future, understanding the importance of the syllabus, learning outcomes, and effective assessments will give you perspective for all of your teaching endeavors.

Building a Foolproof Syllabus

  •  Creating assessments & learning outcomes
  •  Having realistic expectations of yourself and your students
  •  Explore creative syllabus layouts 

Measuring Student Progress

  •  Course alignment
  •  Effective Assessment Strategies Grading
  •  Determining breadth vs. depth in covering course material


Audience: Postdocs and Teaching Assistants