To support the Stony Brook research community, DoIT developed Research Technologies to act as a liaison with campus researchers and offer technical expertise and the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of IT leaders and IT partners. Its core mission is to focus on listening, collaborating, developing, and integrating technology offerings to those campus community members conducting research.

Research Technologies may work to investigate technical aspects, streamline, pilot, and assist with technical requests as they relate specifically to research. This could entail working with an individual researcher or team to understand the technical nature of their research and how information technology could bring value to support their goals and objectives. As part of technically assisting a researcher or research team, DoIT's research technologies group may pilot technical solutions as needed to meet the objectives of each specific research grant.

Research Technologies has a campus-wide technology focus to support multidisciplinary research initiatives which will hopefully foster future collaboration and shared best practices.

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Research Technologies
(631) 632-1156