Course Evaluations (Faculty & Administrators)

This system is online.
In case you haven't seen them already these are the two new tools that students will have available for registration this semester.
  • A better search tool.  Much more flexible and agile.  Allows you to narrow your search based on all sorts of parameters including DEC or SBC, day of the week, location etc., etc.  Once you have found what they are looking for the student can do a "one click" operation to put the course into their SOLAR shopping cart. 
  • Access to course evaluation data from previous semesters (must login using netid and password).  Like "Rate My Professor" but much better and more accurate. Students consistently told us they would be more willing to fill out their evaluation if they got subsequent access to the data.  That day has arrived.  No extraneous information like "chili peppers"!  Currently only Spring 2014 is available but we will roll forward. Eventually this information will be rolled into tool #1 above.

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1. Evaluation Dates for Summer 2015: June 24, 2015-July 2, 2015
2. New Survey Questions: Stony Brook has implemented a new course evaluation question set in combination with a new course evaluation system, Campus Labs.  Click Here to View the New Question Set
3. Adding Questions to the Surveys:  Instructors may add questions to the surveys up to the start of the evaluation. Any questions added previously will not carry over and do need to be added again to this new survey. 
 4. Previous Faculty Evaluation Reports: As we transition to the new course eval system, instructor course evaluation data and reports are being migrated into the new system and will be available for you to view later this year. All departments and faculty will be notified when they become available.  
5.  Response Rates: Many faculty are getting high response rates by leaving time at the end of class for students to complete the evaluations on their laptops or mobile devices.  You can view current response rates by logging into your instructor site:
6. Log-In Links: There are FAQ and Login pages for Students and Instructors:


7. Review Your Courses for Evaluation: Login to the Campus Labs system and review your courses that are scheduled to be evaluated.  Let us know if anything needs to be revised:
8.  Other Questions?  Contact us at: