Classroom Equipment & Consumable Supplies

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Audio Visual Services
(631) 632-9400

Audio Visual Services provides support to all General Purpose Classrooms (GPCs) across campus. GPCs are equipped with various levels of technologies for classroom instruction and learning. 

A General Purpose Classroom (GPC) is a campus-wide classroom assigned and scheduled by the Registrar’s office. The Registrar‘s Office determines appropriate uses for these rooms which are primarily for academic instruction. GPCs have differing configurations of installed equipment, and Audio Visual Services provides support, training, troubleshooting, and maintenance on each of the media systems.

In addition, AV Services also provides consumable classroom supplies for GPCs. Each GPC is stocked with white chalk or black markers, and erasers regularly throughout the semester. 

Types of Classroom Media Systems*:

  • SMART Lecture Halls
  • SMART Classrooms
  • Computer Station Classrooms
  • Media Station Classrooms
  • Other-Technology Classrooms