Institutional Printer Recommendations

The following recommended printers are available in WolfMart. Please contact your department's authorized purchaser to place an order.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff


Students can print in SINC Sites and other computer labs on campus, or by using Stony Brook's Print From Anywhere service.

For Use By: Guests, Students

SINC Sites

----------------------------SINC Sites are public computer labs that allow users to access both Windows and Mac computers. SINC Sites provide printing services and access to numerous academic software titles. These computer labs are located in a majority of the academic buildings on campus and have scheduled open hours.---------------

For Use By: Students, Teaching Assistants (TA's)

Teaching Learning Lab

Stony Brook's TLT Media Lab offers a wide variety of services to help teach and assist in the creation of multimedia projects for classroom use.  Instructors and teaching assistants are welcome to come brainstorm with the creative and technical staff in the TLT and get help and additional input on anything from a PowerPoint presentation to professional quality video, Web pages, illustrations or animations.The TLT Media Lab is located in the Melville Library, Room S-1430, and is open Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Teaching Assistants (TA's)