Student Guide to Blackboard

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Blackboard is a web-based course management system that is used as a tool to deliver a course completely online and/or to supplement face-to-face classes.  Blackboard is available to all Stony Brook University students 24/7, from any computer with Internet access.

Instructors generally use Blackboard to:

    • Post online announcements
    • Post course content (ex: syllabi, handouts, presentations, etc...)
    • Pose questions for online discussions
    • Collect and grade assignments/assessments
    • Manage your grades and/or make them visible to you
    • Create groups for discussions and projects
    • Send emails to students
    • And much more

Students that need help with Blackboard can contact the TLT Student Help Desk by calling (631) 632-9602, emailing or by clicking here to access the TLT Student Help Desk Live Chat feature.