October 01, 2013



The Importance of Password Security

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It is good practice to get in the habit of changing passwords for all online and computer accounts on a regular basis. Security experts recommend changing your passwords every 90 days to six months, but if you aren't yet in the habit of changing them that frequently, why not start at least once a year as part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month? You may even find the beginning of each new academic semester as a good time to update your passwords, or when it's time to fall back or spring ahead the clocks.

Listen to Stony Brook Assistant Professor of Computer Science Long Lu and DoIT Security Analyst Matthew Nappi talk about the importance of password security in this short YouTube video (1:21).

How Secure are Your Mobile Devices?

To help keep your mobile devices and the data on them safe, listen to our two experts provide the following tips in this short YouTube video (1:37).

  • Set a passcode for your device and be sure auto-lock is on so that your device locks after being idle.
  • Update mobile browsers and apps when there are bug fixes or security updates.
  • Install a find-my-device software program, which in the case of a lost or stolen device, allows you to view a map of where the device is (search your device's app store for options). Campus police have been able to recover lost/stolen devices with such apps installed.
  • For all your mobile devices (and computers/laptops, too), record their serial numbers and Wi-Fi/MAC addresses. Store the list of numbers/addresses in a secure place separate from your device. Again, in the case of a lost/stolen device, these numbers can be used to help recover your device. 

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month Logo

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