Join Stony Brook's Toner Recycling Program

By: Jesse Chang
Last Updated: August 23, 2013

This is a logo of Stony Brook's Toner Recycling Partner XCL Business Products, Inc.The Managed Output Project team and Office of Sustainability are leading a campus-wide toner recycling program beginning March 8, 2013 to achieve a 0% landfill impact and to bring cost savings to the University.

Previously, toner recycling has not been a standardized process across campus. Stony Brook realized that it needed to implement a standard solution to handle ink (color, b/w) toner cartridges, maintenance kits, and drums. As part of this initiative, Stony Brook signed a contract with XCL Business Products Inc. to establish high-volume pickups and allow departments to request receptacles so bins may be placed at various locations on campus during the summer of 2013.

XCL will begin pickups from high-volume print areas such as the HSC Library and TLT SINC Sites beginning Friday, March 8, 2013 and will continue on a weekly basis, so that Fridays become Stony Brook's toner recycling pick-up day. Departments may request a toner recycling receptacle for their area by filling out the following form. A box will be shipped to them with a custom Stony Brook University sticker that describes the program. The Office of Sustainability is in the process of purchasing University-approved receptacles that will be placed in various public locations on campus. Pickups from these locations will be conducted on a monthly basis.

For more information, please contact James O'Connor in the Office of Sustainability at (631) 632-4379.

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