Gmail Compose Feature to Change in April

By: Julie Sharma
Last Updated: August 23, 2013

Gmail iconIn April 2013, Google will introduce a new, streamlined Gmail compose experience with many features, which soon everyone will be able to benefit from, including:

  • Viewing your inbox while typing your new message
  • Minimizing your draft and finishing later
  • Working on two new drafts at one time

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According to Google, Gmail's new message compose feature will become the default compose experience for everyone automatically on April 16. For two weeks, users will have the option to opt out and switch back to the old compose experience. New compose will permanently be enabled on April 30, 2013, at which time old compose will no longer be an option.

For more information, see the Google Apps What's New website and Release Calendar.

Update 8/16/2013: August 27th, the old compose experience will be permanently replaced by the new compose experience. If you prefer having a larger space to compose messages, new compose offers a variety of window options. Learn more about these options.

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